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Manual Chapter: Prerequisites for System Configuration
Manual Chapter
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List of prerequisite tasks

Before you begin configuring a BIG-IP system as a data center firewall, you must:

  • Assign a management IP address to the BIG-IP system
  • Assign a host name to the BIG-IP system
  • Specifiy passwords for the admin and root accounts
  • Create the necessary VLANs and associated self IP addresses
  • Configure the redundancy settings for Sync-Failover device group management (ConfigSync, failover, and mirroring addresses, as well as the default traffic groups)
  • Configure the DNS and NTP servers
  • Set the current administrative partition to /Common

Also, if you intend to use BIG-IP Protocol Security Module and BIG-IP Application Security Manager on the BIG-IP data center firewall, verify that these modules are licensed and provisioned on the system.

Once you have met these prerequisites, the BIG-IP system is ready to be configured as a data center firewall.

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