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Manual Chapter: Upgrading the VIPRION System
Manual Chapter
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Occasionally, you will need to upgrade the VIPRIONTM system to a newer software version. To upgrade your system, you can use the Configuration utility, which contains special screens for performing an upgrade. These screens are known as the Software Management screens.
When you perform an upgrade, the system upgrades the open boot location of each blade of the cluster concurrently. Note that the term open boot location refers to the boot location to which the system is not currently booted.
Download the IM file to the computer from which you are running the Configuration utility.
On the Main tab of the navigation pane, expand System, and click Software Management.
The Software Management screen opens.
On the right side of the screen, click the Import button.
The Import New Image screen opens.
Click the Browse button.
Find the file you want to import, and click the Import button.
The file is copied to the VIPRION system, and a Success message appears.
Important: Do not proceed until you see the Success message on the screen.
After seeing the Success message, click OK.
This opens the Software Updates screen.
Click the image name.
This opens the properties page for the image.
In the Installation Targets section of the screen, in the Install Partition column, find the relevant boot location.
Note: If you are booted to location 1.1, you must install on location 1.2, or the reverse.
Click the Install button.
Click the Back button.
The Software Management/Software Update screen opens.
On the menu bar, click Boot Locations.
The Boot Locations/Installed Images screen opens.
Click OK.
If you were previously booted into location 1.1, you are now booted into boot location 1.2.
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