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Manual Chapter: Diagnosing Network Connection Issues
Manual Chapter
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Diagnosing network connection issues

To help you diagnose network connection issues, you can view the status of and statistics about the iQuery connections between BIG-IP and other BIG-IP systems on your network. iQuery connection information displays for IP addresses that are configured on BIG-IP server objects.

Viewing information about connections between BIG-IP GTM and other BIG-IP systems

Ensure that the BIG-IP GTM configuration contains at least one BIG-IP server object with a self IP address.
  1. From the Statistics Type list, select iQuery. Information about the iQuery connections between this system and other BIG-IP systems in your network displays.
  2. When you want to estimate iQuery traffic throughput, click Reset. The following statistics are reset to zero:
    • iQuery Reconnects
    • Bytes In
    • Bytes Out
    • Backlogs
    • Bytes Dropped
To view information about the iQuery connections between a different and the BIG-IP systems in your network, log on to that BIG-IP GTM system and repeat this procedure.

iQuery statistics descriptions

The information in the table describes the iQuery statistics.

iQuery Statistics Description
IP Address Displays the IP addresses of the servers that have an iQuery connection with this .
Server Displays the name of the server with the specified IP address.
Data Center Displays the data center to which the specified server belongs.
iQuery State Displays the state of the iQuery connection between the specified server and the . Possible states are:
  • Not Connected
  • Connecting
  • Connected
  • Backlogged (indicates messages are queued and waiting to be sent)
iQuery Reconnects Displays the number of times the re-established an iQuery connection with the specified server.
Bytes In Displays the amount of data in bytes received by the over the iQuery connection from the specified server.
Bytes Out Displays the amount of data in bytes sent from the over the iQuery connection to the specified server.
Backlogs Displays the number of times the iQuery connection between the and the specified server was blocked, because iQuery had to send out more messages than the connection could handle.
Bytes Dropped Displays the amount of data in bytes that the iQuery connection dropped.
SSL Certificate Expiration Displays the date the SSL certificate expires.
Configuration Time Displays the date and time that the configuration was last modified. The timestamps should be the same for all devices in a configuration synchronization group.
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