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Manual Chapter: Introducing Implementations for the Global Traffic Manager
Manual Chapter
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The BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager is a system that monitors the availability and performance of global resources and uses that information to manage network traffic patterns. The Global Traffic Manager uses load balancing algorithms, topology-based routing, and iRules® to control and distribute traffic according to specific policies.
Ensure wide-area persistence by maintaining a mapping between a local DNS server and a virtual server in a wide IP pool
This guide is designed to help you accomplish specific configuration tasks associated with the Global Traffic Manager. Each chapter focuses on a specific implementation, providing an overview of the situation and a detailed example of how to configure the system to accomplish the objectives outlined in the implementation. The tasks outlined in each chapter are designed so that you can quickly apply them to your own network.
The Global Traffic Manager runs on the Traffic Management Operating System®, commonly referred to as TMOS®. Before you begin configuring an implementation, F5 Networks recommends that you familiarize yourself with these additional resource:
BIG-IP® Systems: Getting Started Guide
This guide provides detailed information about licensing and provisioning the BIG-IP system, as well as installing upgrades. The guide also provides a brief introduction to the features of BIG-IP system and the tools for configuring the system.
TMOS® Management Guide for BIG-IP® Systems
This guide contains any information you need to configure and maintain the network and system-related components of the BIG-IP system, such as routes, VLANs, and user accounts.
Configuration Guide for BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager
This guide contains any information you need for configuring specific features of the BIG-IP system to manage global network traffic.
Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) Reference Guide
This guide contains information about using the Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) commands to manage the BIG-IP systems.
F5 Networks recommends that you then run the Setup utility to configure basic network elements such as self IP addresses, interfaces, and VLANs. After running the Setup utility, you can use this guide to configure specific implementations. For information on running the Setup utility, see the BIG-IP® Systems: Getting Started Guide.
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