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Manual Chapter: Configuring the Save Interval for GTM Configuration Changes
Manual Chapter
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Overview: Configuring the interval at which GTM saves configuration changes

By default, configuration changes to the BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) are saved every 15 seconds. The changes are saved in the bigip_gtm.conf file. You can change how often GTM saves configuration changes.

Task summary

Perform this task to configure the interval at which GTM automatically saves configuration changes.

Configuring the GTM save interval

Ensure that GTM is provisioned, and that your user role provides access to tmsh.
Configure the BIG-IP GTM system to automatically save configuration changes made in the Configuration utility and tmsh at a user-specified interval.
  1. Log on to the command-line interface of the BIG-IP system.
  2. At the BASH prompt, type tmsh.
  3. At the tmsh prompt, type modify gtm global-settings general automatic-configuration-save-timeout <desired automatic save interval in seconds> , and then press Enter. The following options are worth noting:
    • 0 (zero) = immediately save changes
    • -1 = never save changes
    • 86400 = maximum interval between automatic saves
    • 15 = default interval between automatic saves
    Warning: Setting automatic-configuration-save-timeout to less than 10 seconds can impact system performance.

Implementation result

You now have an implementation in which the BIG-IP system automatically saves GTM configuration changes at an interval you specified.

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