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Manual Chapter: Upgrading BIG-IP GTM to Version 11.x
Manual Chapter
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Converting a statistics collection server to a Prober pool automatically

In version 10.2 of BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM), you could assign a single BIG-IP system to probe a server to gather health and performance data. You did this by specifying the IP address of the BIG-IP system (which you chose to perform probes of the server) in the Statistics Collection Server field of the server. In version 11.0, this feature was replaced by the Prober pool feature.

When you upgrade from version 10.2.x to version 11.x, if a single BIG-IP system was assigned to probe a server, BIG-IP GTM converts the single server to a Prober pool with one member, and then assigns the Prober pool to the server to which the Statistics Collection server was originally assigned. The name of the new Prober pool is based on the IP address of the original Statistics Collection server. If the original Statistics Collection server had an IP address of, the name of the automatically created Prober pool is prober_pool_10_10_2_3.

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