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Manual Chapter: Security Policy Elements in Each Policy Type
Manual Chapter
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Security policy elements included in each policy type

The elements that the system can automatically add to a security policy depend on the policy type you select for automatic policy building. The policy types you can select when creating a security policy automatically are Fundamental, Enhanced, and Comprehensive. This table shows which elements are included in each policy type. You can view the policy elements on the Security > Application Security > Policy Building > Settings screen, in the Automatic Policy Building Settings area.

Security policy element Fundamental Enhanced Comprehensive
HTTP Protocol Compliance Yes Yes Yes
Evasion Techniques Detected Yes Yes Yes
File Types Lengths Yes Yes Yes
Attack Signatures Yes Yes Yes
URL Meta Characters No No Yes
Parameter Name Meta Characters No No Yes
Parameter Value Lengths No Yes Yes
Value Meta Characters No No Yes
Cookies No Yes Yes
Allowed Methods No Yes Yes
Request length exceeds defined buffer size Yes Yes Yes
Content Profiles No No No
Content Profiles with Automatically detect advanced protocols enabled No Yes Yes
Host Names Yes Yes Yes
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