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Manual Chapter: Overview of Customization
Manual Chapter
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Overview: What is customization?

Customization allows you to provide users with a personalized experience for access policy screens, windows, and errors. Using the Customization tool, you can apply your organization's brand images and colors, change messages and errors for local languages, and change the layout of user pages and screens.

About the Customization tool

The Customization tool is an application that you start from the BIG-IP® admin console. With the Customization tool, you can personalize screen messages and prompts, change screen layouts, colors, and images, and customize error and other messages to specific languages for policies and profiles used on BIG-IP Access Policy Manager®.

Starting the Customization tool

Start the Customization tool to personalize and localize page layout, colors, images, and messages for the BIG-IP® Edge Client®, browser pages, and mobile device screens.
On the Main tab, click Access Policy > Customization . The Customization tool appears, in Basic Customization view.
You can use the Customization tool inside the BIG-IP admin console, or click Popout to open it in a separate browser window.
After you personalize settings, remember to click the Save icon to apply your changes.

About customization views and form factors

The Customization tool provides two views:

  • Basic Customization (Quick Start): This is the default customization view. Use this to configure basic look and feel for pages, and common text labels and captions for resources on the webtop.
  • Advanced Customization (Advanced): This is the advanced customization view that provides a tree structure for configuration elements, and more detailed methods to configure and customize objects.

The Advanced Customization view provides two form factors, which you can use to customize different access policy features.

  • Full/Mobile browser: Use this mode to configure pages that are viewed in a web browser or on a mobile device.
  • BIG-IP Edge Client: Use this mode to configure the appearance and messages that appear in the BIG-IP® Edge Client® for a platform or device.

In addition, for each form factor you can choose to customize Branding or Localization by selecting the tab at the top of the Form Factor column.

  • Branding: Customization controls the look of the user interface, such as fonts, images, colors, and general layout.
  • Localization: Customization provides personalization for the text and messages that appear for each language specified in an access profile.
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