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Manual Chapter: About Application Connector
Manual Chapter
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F5® Application Connector is a lightweight cloud instance for securely connecting public clouds to your application service infrastructure within cloud interconnects (colocation) or data centers, enabling the use of public cloud resources as part of your compute infrastructure. Additionally, Application Connector performs workload discovery within the public cloud, which drives the Application Connector Service Center on the BIG-IP® system to enable application services insertion.

Application Connector secures your cloud nodes by using a private IP address space in the cloud and providing a secure tunnel using WebSockets from cloud nodes to your on-premise BIG-IP system. The BIG-IP system treats your cloud nodes as local nodes to be used as pool members.

Overview of the Service Center and the Proxy

Application Connector Service Center system requirements

You must meet these hardware and software requirements to use Application Connector Service Center.

Requirement Details
Software version BIG-IP® version 13.0.0 or later
F5® hardware models BIG-IP VE, BIG-IP i2000/i4000/i5000/i7000/i10000 Series
F5 hardware memory (minimum) 8 GB
License information Choose from one of these options:
  • LTM®, LTM-VE, Good, Better, or Best, and APC-Introductory, APC-Medium, or APC-Unlimited
Note: Application Connector is not supported in vCMP® guests.

Application Connector Proxy system requirements

You must meet these cloud service and software requirements to use Application Connector Proxy.

Requirement Details
Cloud service Amazon Web Services (AWS) (minimum instance type: t2.micro)
Cloud operating system Linux
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