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Archived Manual Chapter: Maintaining the WANJet 500 Platform
Manual Chapter
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This article has been archived, and is no longer maintained.

The WANJet® 500 platform contains several field replaceable units (FRUs). The FRUs provide the ability to replace parts of the system without replacing the complete system. The FRUs currently available for this platform are:
The WANJet 500 platform has two hot-swappable redundant power supplies. You can replace the power supply in the event of a power supply failure.
You do not need special tools to replace a power supply. Because the power supply is a redundant, hot-swappable power supply, you can replace it while the system is running.
Remove the power cable from the power supply that you want to replace.
A power supply alarm sounds, indicating that a power supply was removed or is not receiving power.
To silence the alarm, press the alarm mute switch (number 3 in Figure 1.4) that is located to the left of the power supply array.
Each power supply is secured to the chassis by a self-clinching knurled fastener and release lever. Loosen the knurled fastener by turning it counterclockwise.
Slide the new power supply into the power supply slot.
The power supply is connected to the system when you slide it completely into the chassis.
Figure 4.1 shows a picture of the unit with the power supply partially removed from the WANJet 500 platform.
The WANJet 500 platform includes one hot-swappable hard drive and has a slot for an optional second hot swappable hard drive. You can change or replace a hard drive tray as part of the routine maintenance of the unit, or in the event of a drive failure.
Each hard drive tray is secured by a simple switch. To unlock the switch, turn the switch counterclockwise from Lock to Open.
Push the Lock/Open switch slightly to the left to release the tray lever.
The tray lever extends from the drive tray.
Figure 4.2 shows a picture of the drive tray assembly partially removed from the WANJet appliance.
After you remove a hard drive using the procedure To remove a hard drive, you can replace a hard drive using the following procedure.
After the drive and tray are secured in the chassis, turn the dial on the front of the drive clockwise to Lock to secure the tray lever.
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