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Archived Manual Chapter: Installing the WANJet Appliance
Manual Chapter
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This article has been archived, and is no longer maintained.

The WANJet® 500 platform includes two types of mounting devices:
The rack-mount ears are suitable for a standard type of mount. With rack-mount ears, you can bolt the unit directly into the rack.
As an option, you can use an alternative type of mount, called a rail mount, which allows you to slide the unit in and out of the rack. To install this rail-mount kit and install the unit into the rack, you need to perform the following tasks, after you have attached the rack-mount ears and, optionally, the handles:
Installing the rail-mount kit involves attaching rail units to the system and attaching rails to the server rack. The rail-mount kit consists of the following parts:
Two inner rails that attach to either side of the unit
After you attach the rails to the WANJet appliance, these inner rails slide into the outer rails that you install onto the rack.
Four mounting brackets that attach to the rack
The mounting brackets attach to each post on the rack. The outer rails attach to the brackets.
Two outer rails that attach to the mounting brackets on the rack
The inner rails that you install on the sides of the unit slide into these outer rails.
Set of eight screws for inner rail mount
The eight included pan head Phillips screws attach the inner rail mounts to the WANJet appliance.
Set of eight screws for rail-mount brackets
The eight included pan head Phillips/straight slot hybrid screws attach the rail-mount brackets to the rack. The outer rails fit into these brackets.
Set of eight nuts and bolts for outer rail mount
Use the included eight pan head Phillips screws and eight flange nuts to mount the outer rails to the rail-mount brackets.
Figure A.1 shows the mounting screws that are included with the kit hardware.
Figure A.1 The three types of mounting screws included with the WANJet appliance: (1) pan head Phillips, (2) pan head Phillips/straight slot hybrid, (3) pan head Phillips and flanged nut.
To install the optional rail-mount kit, you must first attach an inner rail and a stop to each side of the unit. Figure A.2 shows the unit with an inner rail attached to one side.
Prior to attaching the inner rail, separate the rail slides.
The inner rail shown in Figure A.2 slides into the outer rail that attaches to the rack using the rail-mount brackets.
Attach an inner rail to each side of the unit, as shown in Figure A.2, using the pan head Phillips screws included with the system.
Note that each side requires four screws.
After you have installed the inner rails and stops to the unit, you can attach the four mounting brackets to the rack. The mounting brackets provide support for the outer rails.
Attach a mounting bracket to each post in the rack, as shown in Figure A.3, using the pan head Phillips/straight slot hybrid screws included with the system. Ensure that you use two screws per mount and that you align each mounting bracket at the same height on each rack post.
Each outer rail fits into the bracket attached to each post. Use the pan head screws and flanged nuts to attach the outer rail to the mounting brackets.
After you have attached the inner rails to the device, and mounted the outer rails in the rack using the mounting brackets, you can install the device.
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