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Archived Manual Chapter: Installing the WANJet Appliance Using the Rail-Mount Kit
Manual Chapter
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This article has been archived, and is no longer maintained.

The WANJet® 300 platform includes two types of mounting devices:
The rack-mount ears are suitable for a standard type of mount. You can use the rack-mount ears to bolt the unit directly into the rack.
As an option, you can use an alternative type of mount, called a rail mount, which allows you to support the unit in a 4-post rack.
Two rails that attach to either side of the unit
The rails support the unit between the front and rear posts.
Two mounting plates that attach to the rack
The mounting plates attach to the end of each rail and secure the unit to the rear posts.
Set of ten screws for mounting ears
Use eight flathead Phillips M3 screws to attach the mounting ears to the rack.
Set of ten screws for rail mounting
Use the ten panhead Phillips M4 screws with split washers to attach the rails and mounting plates to the WANJet appliance.
When you install the kit hardware, you need to either measure or estimate the position of the side rails, because it is difficult to adjust the rails after installation without removing the unit from the rack. If you have a measuring device, you can measure the distance between the front and rear rack posts, and calculate the position of the rails before you lift the unit into the rack. Otherwise, you can attach the rails based on an estimate of the distance, try the unit in the rack, and then remove the unit to make adjustments.
Attach a rack-mount ear to each side of the WANJet appliance at the front corners, using four flathead M3 screws for each side.
Attach a rail to one side of the unit, as shown in Figure A.1, using three panhead M4 screws. You can measure the distance between the front and rear posts, adjust the rail, and skip to step 8; or proceed with the following step.
Attach the rack-mount ears that are now on the unit to the front rack posts. Use two screws per side, and ensure that you align each side at the same height on both front rack posts.
Attach the second rail to the other side, using three panhead M4 screws and ensuring that the length of the rail is the same as for the first side.
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