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Archived Release Note: BIG-IP Controller PTF note 1.8.3PTF-01
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 07/14/1998

This article has been archived, and is no longer maintained.


This note describes a Product Temporary Fix (PTF) to BIG/ip Version 1.8.3. This is the first PTF release for 1.8.3, so it is designated 1.8.3 PTF-01. For complete information about Version 1.8.3, please refer to the 1.8.3 Release Notes. This note only describes fixes in the PTF.


- Who Should Install This PTF?
- PTF Installation Instructions
- Bug Fixes In This PTF

Who Should Install This PTF?

This release is only recommended for those customers affected by the bugs listed below.

PTF Installation Instructions

The following is the installation process for thie PTF release:

Extract the contents of the x.v1.8.3PTF-01.tar by using the following command:
tar -xvf

Bug Fixes In This PTF

  • NAT for servers that are one or more router hops away from the BIG/ip controller.
    In 1.8.3, such configurations did not work. This problem is now corrected. Bug#367.
  • XBigPipe may crash if a user presses the middle mouse button in a help screen. 
    This problem is now corrected. Bug#363.
  • Extended Application Verification (EAV).
    This is a new feature. Bug#360.
  • IPFW Logging. 
    Logging is now enabled for the IP Filtering and Rate Shaping functions. Bug#347.

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